Categories of Drug Rehabilitation Programs

There are many types of drug rehabilitation programs that you can choose from once you make a decision to undergo treatment for drug addiction. It is important to note that your needs are different from those of other people with the problem of drug addiction. Generally, the more intense and longer drug use is, the more intense and longer the treatment for addiction should be. Regardless of the length of the program in terms of months or weeks, long-term support and follow ups are important in ensuring full recovery. A good treatment program will not only address drug abuse problem, but also life problems like emotional pain that may have led to drug abuse and subsequent addiction.

What you should know about rehabilitation programs for drug abuse

When you start your search for a drug or substance abuse rehabilitation program, you will come across many adverts for different programs. Some programs claim to be offered in tranquil environments with beautiful views. Others claim to have the best amenities. Although all these are good to have, they come with a huge price tag. Therefore, focus on what is important while choosing a treatment program. For instance, consider the quality of the care that is offered while undergoing treatment, staff credentials, appropriate licensing and follow-up services among others.

Residential treatment program

This is a treatment program that involves residing in a rehabilitation center while undergoing treatment for drug addiction. In most cases, this program last for between 30 and 90 days of intensive treatment. Patients under residential drug rehabilitation programs are monitored closely by healthcare providers, therapists and counselors


Partial hospitalization program

This is a program for individuals who need continuous medical monitoring yet they are living in a stable environment.

Intensive outpatient program

This is not an ordinary live-in program. However, it requires the patient to make time commitment. This program usually involves meeting at least three days in a week for a period of between 2 and 4 hours in a day. It focuses mainly on preventing relapse. The program is usually scheduled around school or work.


This is offered in group, family or individual basis. It provides better results when combined with other treatments or when used as a form of follow-up support. Counseling therapy can also help in identifying the cause of drug abuse, repairing relationships and learning better coping skills.

Sober living

This usually follows intensive drug abuse treatments such as residential treatment. It entails living with other patients who are recovering from addiction in a drug-free, supportive environment. Facilities that offer sober living programs are ideal for those without a place to go or those worried about going back home because they fear relapses.

Brief intervention

These are appropriate for those at the risk of drug addiction or abuse but not those with the problem already.

Generally, these are some of the drug rehabilitation programs that you should consider. It is advisable that you visit a drug rehab center in california.

Things that You Should Know Before You Join a Drug Rehab Center

The decision to join a drug rehab center is a major one in the life of a person that has undergone mental, physical and emotional impairment due to continued and excessive drug abuse. This decision is likely to impact on your life both on long-term and short-term basis. Therefore, you should not take the move lightly. However, before committing yourself to a rehab center, there are questions that you need to seek answers for so that you can be certain of getting the right treatment and care as you endeavor to realize complete recovery from drug addiction.

How is success defined in the rehab center?

Successful outcome of the treatment for drug addiction is defined in different ways. This does not imply that one is right while the other is wrong. However, it is important that you ensure that the objectives of the programs that the rehab center offers are similar to yours. For instance, a program can consider getting through an initial stage as success while the other might aim at ensuring regular meetings among people. There are also programs that will define success in terms of the achievement of long-term sobriety or getting an employment after undergoing treatment for drug addiction. It is important that your expectations from the recovery process be aligned with the objectives of the program that the rehab center that you choose offers.

How long will you undergo treatment in the rehab center?

The length of drug addiction treatment programs vary. It is important that you choose a drug rehab center that offers a treatment program that will enable you to deal with the addiction completely. Some rehab centers offer inpatient programs which require patients to reside in the facilities while others offer outpatient programs. Choose a center that offers a program that allows you adequate time to eliminate the addiction. Programs that last longer are ideal for ensuring long-term sobriety.

Find out about life skills and aftercare

Does the rehab center that you want to choose offer aftercare? What life skills does the center offer to ensure that patients remain on track? These are important questions that you should get answers for before joining a rehab center. Remember that some people relapse after leaving rehabilitation centers. This is because they go out there where there are stresses and issues that may have led them into drug abuse and addiction. Therefore, choose a rehab center in california twitter that offers aftercare services and life skills that will enable you to avoid abusing drugs when faced with triggers that led you into drug abuse and addiction.


What promises does the rehab center give? Are they too good to be true? For instance, is the rehab center promising instant cure for your addiction? Take time to investigate the programs that a rehab center offers so that you can understand the claims before buying in.

Generally, there are many things that you should know before you join a drug rehab center. Taking time to find out more about a rehab center that you join will enable you to choose a center that will offer you the most effective treatment for drug addiction.

A Guide for Choosing the California Rehabilitation Center to Join

The choice of the California rehabilitation center to join determines what you get after spending time and effort in that rehab center. This is why you need to be careful when selecting the rehabilitation center to join. For some people who have undergone mental, emotional and physical impairment due to the abuse of drugs or alcohol, living without drugs can be really hard. Nevertheless, such people can lead a sober life without relying on drugs after undergoing drug addiction recovery, counseling and therapies. However, with the number of rehabilitation centers increasing in California, it is important to know how you can choose the ideal rehab center for you or for a loved one.
Consider the recommendation of your healthcare provider
Many people seek help from their doctors, healthcare professionals or therapists. The best healthcare provider will guide their patients to the right expert to handle their specific problems. As such, if your healthcare provider realizes that they cannot handle your addiction problem or that of your loved one, they will recommend an expert or a rehab center that can help with the recovery process. It is important that you consider the recommended rehab center while selecting the rehab center to join. This is because most healthcare providers know which centers are capable of offering the best rehabilitation to patients.

Insurance coverage
You can contact your health insurance provider to find out whether they have specific rehab centers that they can cover or help you with payments. Some insurance companies will cover or approve certain rehab centers and not others. It is for this reason that you should take time to find out whether the California rehabilitation center that you have in mind is covered by your insurance or whether the rehabs covered by the insurance company meet your specific needs. Always remember that you have choices past what is covered in your insurance.
Use the internet
Most rehabilitation centers in California have websites via which they provide information about their drug rehabilitation programs. There are also referral agencies that will refer you to several rehabs. These referral agencies are ethical and transparent in their practices. They provide information about different rehab centers and you can use them in your search for the rehab center to join. Basically, using the internet will enable you to know the available treatment programs in different rehab centers in California and the kind of treatments that they offer.
Your financial capability
The fee that you will pay for rehabilitation in california will vary depending on the rehab center that you choose. Some rehab centers like the luxury private pay rehabs are quite costly. However, they offer better services and have more amenities than the ordinary rehab centers. As such, consider your financial capabilities when choosing the rehab center to join in California to ensure that what you choose is within your budget.
Generally, there are many factors that come into play when choosing a California rehabilitation center to join. However, your goal should be to choose the best rehab center on the basis of your specific needs.